Team Programme

The Team Programme is expertly designed for veterans who simply want to remove the guess work and frustration out of achieving optimal health, fitness and body-composition goals as efficiently as possible.

How Team Programme works

  • Is it for me

    Is it for me?

    • You are already training regularly but have little to show for your effort beyond an expanding waistline
    • Your current programme has left going to the gym a tick box exercise
    • You need maximum impact from a routine whilst respecting your current work:life demands
    • You are self-motivated & can commit to completing 3 x 1 hour training sessions a week
  • What will i get

    What will I get?

    • Weekly training programmes delivered directly to your inbox every Sunday morning
    • Weekly nutritional blocks
    • Competition build into the programme
    • Access to the locker room to help provide support along the way
  • What can i expect

    What can I expect?

    Each week you will receive 3 updated training sessions that are designed to have a maximum impact on the body while simultaneously respecting your external work & lifestyle demands. In addition, you will be provided with a nutritional program that will complement your goals and extra optional session’s that may be completed if work and life demands allow.

Join the team

The Team Programme offers you the opportunity to begin seeing results and enjoy training again, whilst making progress 52 weeks a year for just £19.99 every month.

Plan Cost Online Support
Team Programme £19.99 every month Tick


Team Programme


£19.99 every month

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Team Stories

Recently Completed the 12-week veteran athlete course. The training pushed me to my limits and my techniques were tweaked and improved. My fitness and physique improved dramatically and I would recommend signing up to anyone. I'll definitely carry on training through Veteran Athlete (even if I don’t look old enough to be a true Vet!)

Ian Fisher / 41

Gas Technician

Discover a network of veteran athletes

With every Veteran Athlete programme you get access to the Locker Room. This is our forum where you can interact with our world-class coaches and with other veteran athletes, share information and pick up hints and tips.