You choose the goal; we set the programme

The Athlete Performance Programme is tailored specifically for veterans that have a personal training goal that they want to achieve efficiently as possible.

How The Performance Programme works

  • Is it for me

    Is it for me?

    • You have a specific training goal
    • You are limited in your training options because of injury
    • You are looking for a bespoke training plan that will allow you to progress towards your goals unhindered by an old or recent injury
  • What will i get

    What will I get?

    • Skype consultation with your coach
    • Bespoke weekly training programmes delivered through the Fitbot directly to your phone, tablet and computer
    • Bespoke nutritional coaching where appropriate
    • Access to our software so you can track results, body composition, view exercise videos and log workouts
    • Direct access to your coach via email whenever you need it
    • Access to the Locker Room to help provide support along the way
  • What can i expect

    What can I expect?

    The Performance Programme will help you work strategically towards your goal, taking account of your existing fitness, your body’s condition, and the timeframe involved. The programme will be designed specifically for you; stick to it and you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

Join the team

The Pro Programme offers you the opportunity to achieve your training goals as efficiently as possible and work with world class coaches for just £119 every 4 weeks. (Less than a personal training session at your local gym).

Plan Cost Online Support
Performance Programme £119 every 4 weeks Tick


Performance Programme


£119 every 4 weeks

Online Support


How much does it cost?

Discover a network of veteran athletes

With every Veteran Athlete programme you get access to the Locker Room. This is our forum where you can interact with our world-class coaches and with other veteran athletes, share information and pick up hints and tips.