Ground Zero

The Ground-Zero Programme is specifically designed for veterans that currently consider themselves to have poor levels of physical fitness or simply lack confidence in their body.

How Ground Zero works

  • Is it for me

    Is it for me?

    • You have a sedentary job with little to no physical activity outside of the work place
    • You have not been following a structured training plan
    • You are self-motivated & can commit to completing 3 x 1 hour training sessions a week
  • What will i get

    What will I get?

    • 10 weeks of programming easing you into our team programme
    • Our nutritional handbook
    • Access to the locker room
  • What can i expect

    What can I expect?

    This program is the start of your journey and gradually eases you back into an exercise regime by using a logical progression of exercises transitioning seamlessly from the desk to the dumbbell rack. On completion of this program you will have regained your confidence, be looking better, feeling healthier and ready to progress on to the Team Programme.

Join the team

The Ground Zero programme is designed to transition you from start up into our team programme and as such is a one-off price of £14.99. At the end of the 10 week you will move into our team programme where for less than a pint a week you can reclaim your self confidence, restore your energy levels and look your best.

Plan Cost Online Support
Ground Zero Programme £14.99 for 10 weeks Tick


Ground Zero Programme


£14.99 for 10 weeks

Online Support


Ground Zero Stories

After being a professional sportsman for over 15 years, since retirement, a wife, 3 kids and a dog alongside starting my own business going to the gym didn’t happen. Veteran Athlete provided me with the motivation, direction with a brilliant programme.

Gary Powell

Director, Specialist Cars

Discover a network of veteran athletes

With every Veteran Athlete programme you get access to the Locker Room. This is our forum where you can interact with our world-class coaches and with other veteran athletes, share information and pick up hints and tips.