The best shape of your life. For the rest of your life.

Unlock the full potential of your body with powerful programs created specifically for the veteran athlete. If you are between 35 and 55 and have a desire to get better and aren’t afraid of working for it, sign up.

Veteran Athlete

Veteran Athlete is a training and nutrition coaching service that helps fitness-minded people take control of their body and health.

Our world-class coaches take the guesswork out of how to train and what to eat. It's your route to achieving peak physical performance; keeping healthy, moving well and staying injury-free.

We're realistic. Life is for living, and our approach is all about balance. With us you'll look and feel better than ever, and you’ll still get to enjoy those nights out.

Why Veteran Athlete works

  • Workouts



    Our training plans are designed specifically for you. We’ll help you improve your physical performance, build capacity, and develop resilience while working towards reducing your list of battle scars.

  • Nutrition



    Eating for a body that works, feels and looks the way you want it to should be uncomplicated, delicious and flexible. Our simple guide will let you to identify the changes that you should be making to your diet, and apply them in a way that fits in with your working day.

  • Health



    The Veteran Athlete approach to training and nutrition is partly about helping you look and feel great. But it’s also about building resilience so that you’re less susceptible to diabetes, heart and other lifestyle-related diseases.

  • Integrate


    Integrate not overwhelm

    No more overly-complicated diets and marathon workout sessions. Our one-hour workouts, combined with our step-by-step nutritional approach, means the Veteran Athlete way fits neatly into even the most hectic lives.

  • Value


    High value

    No one should ever have their health compromised because they can’t afford to hire a coach. That’s why, with us, you can get all your training, nutrition and support covered for less than five pounds a week.

  • Pain free



    Too many Veteran Athletes are needlessly living and training in pain. A shoulder niggle or a touch of knee ache isn’t something that you just have to accept as you get older. Our coaches have years of experience in helping people manage new and long-standing injuries so that exercise can continue - and reaching for the pain meds every morning stops.

Improve physical performance, build capacity and develop resilience

How it all works

How it works
Our programmes are accessible for men and women of all abilities.

Overview of our programmes

  • Ground zero

    Ground Zero Programme

    The Ground-Zero Programme is specifically designed for veterans that currently consider themselves to have poor levels of physical fitness or simply lack confidence in their body.

  • Team


    The Team Programme is expertly designed for veterans who simply want to achieve optimal health, fitness and body-composition goals as efficiently as possible.

  • Pro

    Performance Programme

    The Performance Programme is a bespoke programme for those veterans who have a personal goal they want to achieve as efficiently as possible or a longer list of battle scars that require a more tailored programme to achieve their goals.


Your coaches

The coaches bringing almost 4 decades of experience to Veteran Athlete. They have coached athletes to peak performance on the international stage, transformed office workers to fitness models, been featured experts for Men’s Fitness and helped hundreds of people, just like you realise their goals.

It's our job to keep our athletes at the top of their game no matter what. Whether it's modifying a program to work around injuries so that come game time they can go out and perform at their best or it’s taking a busy parent of 2 from the school run to the marathon, we get the job done. Now we’re bringing that professional programme to the commercial gym so that you can continue to push your limits, wherever you set them.

  • Dan

    Dan Forbes

    Masters Degree

    Strength and Conditioning

    Cardiff Metropolitan University

    Strength and conditioning coach working in elite professional sport, currently with the Cardiff Devils.

  • Ryan

    Ryan Campbell

    Bachelors Degree

    Sport & Human Movement Studies

    University of Wales Institute Cardiff

    Strength/Conditioning Coach and Performance Manager working within elite professional Rugby Union teams.

Discover a network of veteran athletes

With every Veteran Athlete programme you get access to the Locker Room. This is our forum where you can interact with our world-class coaches and with other veteran athletes, share information and pick up hints and tips.